Welcome to Painting for Preservation!

Welcome to Painting for Preservation! This initiative, founded by artist Sara M. Zak, is aimed at drawing attention to distressed, at-risk, and under-utilized historic locations through on site art making.

Mission: To bring together artists of all media in support of historic distressed properties and communities. To create artwork on-site related to the location as a means of raising positive awareness of the space.

My hope is that we can continue this effort in Buffalo and expand the concept to other architecturally rich cities. Please e-mail Sara M. Zak if you are interested in starting a Painting for Preservation initiative in your city at info@paintingforpreservation.org

Our goals:

1. Raise awareness of at-risk, distressed and under-utilized locations and their neighborhoods

2. Create a record of historically rich locations through art

3. Create a community of artists invested in the urban landscape

4. Bring exposure and provide assistance to artists interested in documenting at-risk historic neighborhoods while also collaborating with members of those same neighborhoods.

5. Involve communities in sharing their stories of local historic architectural and their neighborhoods.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

New collaborations and press

Painting for Preservation is pleased to have formed a great partnership with Buffalo Young Preservationists!  This newly formed group will be instrumental in preserving and caring for Buffalo's historic communities and architecture.

We are really looking forward to our second "Art - In" as they are now being called, since we are anticipating artists of all media to join us. 

This story, from The Good Neighborhood.com by Anna Miller, is wonderful.  We're really excited by the interest in this movement.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Really looking forward to having artist members of ELAB (Emerging Leaders of the Arts in Buffalo) join us at the next paint in.  Check out the Buffalo Rising Online article about the upcoming event at Harris Hardware, 169 East Ferry.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Heading to Harris Hardware - 169 East Ferry

Painting for Preservation will be out at 169 East Ferry (between Main and Jefferson) on April 30th at 9:30am to bring attention to this building constructed in the 1890s.   The owner, Glen Banks, is a wonderful man and is happy to have us drawing attention to his building.  According to the owner, it once functioned as a court house.  Mr. Banks started the first African American owned hardware store  in Buffalo 40 years ago at this location.  The building is on the 201  list of the Preservation League's Seven to Save.